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 Username: admin    Password: userdemo
   Password: admin    Password: userdemo

Note: If admin login not works, contact admin to get details.
If user login not works/not valid , You can try signup a user account and then login with your details..

Script Feature :

Payment Processor Supported :
PerfectMoney, Bitcoin (BlockChain), Payza, Payeer, Solidtrustpay, Pexpay, Okpay

Admin Area Features

Password policy compulsion to set a password standard for your site
10 levels of referral commission levels for Purchases and Membership Fees payments
Inbuilt launch timer widget having 3 beautiful themes to choose from
Set the timezone of your site. Dates are displayed after those calculations site wide.
Various add fund & withdrawal settings to control the transaction processes
Set your own date format for the dates that are shown everywhere in the site.
Put/manage your own message/design on the top of any page on front/member side
Run the cronjobs manually from your admin panel when needed with a single click
Get a list of top sponsors, top commission earners, top position owners anytime
Organize your advertisements network of the site comfortably from adminpanel
Collect and publish the testimonials by your members (with changes if you wish)
Add unlimited virtual page to be shown to guests and members (with filters)
Get email notifications for the important actions of the site.
Useful help icon through the adminpanel to get you understand the options.
Make your site and connections secure with SSL feature
Highly secure password storage to keep you relaxed from intrusions
Have a complete control over the profile and registration form fields.
Your own ProXScripts Referral link at the bottom of the site to generate commissions
Put your site into Maintenance Mode anytime while you are making changes or taking backups
Send mails/messages to all or selected (membership wise or paid/unpaid) members.
Perfect dashboard with Quick Menu, Graphs, Admin note, Notifications and Statistics
Search through the records with almost every possible search term
Notifications for important updates, ads, stats etc.
Provision for invisible membership, plans to allow purchase for special members
Google 2-Step Verification for extra layer of security
Statistics Code to set in any place in your template.
Send Emails and Messages to Particular Members
Admin Message Facility for All Members for Important Updates
Cash By Admin Page to add/update member's wallet balance
Advanced Overview Page with Member, Ads and Finance Statistics
Support with Email Piping and Pre-defined Templates
Modify purchase option with selected processors and wallet balances
Allow Advertisement Plans and credits for free with Membership Plans
Create/Add order for Members for Membership Plans, Advertisement Plans etc.
Separate commission settings for each membership plan
Allow members to select own theme
Live processor balance check
Enable/Disable Coupons for every purchase
Mass mail by cronjob to send it speedily
Effortlessly manageable support system
SMTP support to send mails
Possible to Change Logo
Signature for emails
Multiple Currencies Supported
Create sub admins with limitations.
Advertisement Auto Approval on Add and Edit
Unlimited Membership
Auto Approval Balance Transfer
Customizable Captcha
Direct Login As Member
Powerful Member Page
Advance Search option for Member Page
Mass Mailing with Advanced filter option
Mass Mailing History
Member Groups
Pending Deposit/ Purchase Page
Template and Menu Management
Editable Template and Layout
Editable Email Templates
Language Add/Edit
Text/Message Changes from Language Phases
News for Important Updates
Sent Emails History
Module Management
Advanced Search Bar for all functions and page
Script and Server Information
Provision for invisible membership and advertisement plans to allow purchase for special members
Welcome new members with signup bonus, advertisement plans if they follow criteria specified by admin
Single click backup, automatic backups, restore and repair database under website maintenance option
Create coupons to provide discounts to your members upon new purchases and provide direct cash too.
Limit the access to your adminpanel to your own IP Addresses. Login attempts from new IPs need verification.
Get through the logs of all the activities of the site. Like Admin logs, Member logs, Cron logs, IP logs, Processor trace , etc.
Protect your site from potential threats by blocking new logins for signups from specific IP, Country, Email, etc.
Track the performance of your members and the site by using our powerful Referral Tracking System
Set unlimited Auto responders for every new member @ n months, n weeks, n days and n hours after registration
You can set Custom Logout URL. Members will be redirected automatically when logged out from your site.
Leader Board for Important Statistics like Top Position Earner, Top Commission Earning, Top Referrals
You have an option to set only a single language as well as multiple languages for your site. You can Set Default Language for your site and Language change option is also available for member's area

Member Feature:

Referral Tracking Page
Delete account option in profile page
Secure password policy for safety of passwords
Stop all email updates in profile page
Complete outline of your account on Overview page
Use the coupons provided by admin to get discount on new purchases and receive cash
Add your data on dynamic banners designed by admin and place them on the web
Earn more and enjoy extra privileges by paying for the memberships offered in the site.
PTC Ads lets you post ads as well as get earnings by clicking on them
PTC and PPC ads with Geographical display area
You can put your own banners on the site after purchasing the PPC packages
Members are informed via email about every important occurrence about their account.
Built-in email templates for tell friends page to easily convince them be your referrals
Promotional Tools Like Email ads, Text Ads, Banners, Splash Pages and Landing Pages
Lots of options to put your own advertisements Banner, Text, Solo, Login ads, PPC, PTC, etc.
Members can set his personal theme from a choice of multiple templates
Balance Overview on every purchase/order page
Balance transfer feature to transfer your funds to any other member
Advertisements like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Solo Ads, Login Ads, PPC, PTC for your network
Create a single referral LINK for your multiple Ref Links using URL Rotator
Tell Friends feature to send invitations to all your friends to join your site
Check Your Referrals details On My Referrals page in detail
FAQs for better understanding and the troubleshooting
Detailed report of your advertisements to help you see how it performs
Recent Payout Page to check the latest withdrawal payouts given by the admin
Google 2-Step Verification and secondary password for login authentication
Interactive profile page to help you update your details. Disable solo ad mails and get cash coupons if offered by admin
All your personal data, login history and your activity logs are kept confidential and only shown to you
Change whole page to your preferred language with just a click anytime. (By the way it's not google translate)
Restrict access to your account to specific IP Addresses. Login attempts from new IPs needs verification
World's most popular payment processors like PayPal, Payza, STP, OKPay, PexPay, Payeer, Egopay, Perfect Money, CoinPayments and Bank Wire
Support Feature where you can ask any query regarding the site to the Site Owner and get answers. Facility to add attachments with your query.


Note: If you find any error in our script demo, please don't hesitate to notify us here http://buy4script.Com/index.php?route=information/contact

XsharePro2 Revenue Sharing

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