• Ultimate Revenue Sharing-HYIP Pro Script Yellow Theme

 Username: admin    Password: userdemo
   Password: admin    Password: userdemo

Note: If admin login not works, contact admin to get details.
If user login not works/not valid , You can try signup a user account and then login with your details..

Script Feature :

  • Comes complete with sales page already pre-written for you to generate new member signups
  • Instant purchase SolidTrustPay,  LibertyReserve and Egopay
  • Ewallet
  • must veiw ptc ads to cashout
  • forced reinvest
  • youtube video ads
  • login ads
  • texted ads
  • banner ads and more
  • Includes full instructions for setting up the Admin area.
  • Set the site name, site URL, and admin login details.
  • Facility to include popular payment processors like PayPal,solidtrustpay,LibertyReserve,Payza, Moneybookers and eBullion, with ability to add up to 5 extra merchant accounts as desired.
  • Set revenue sharing options as follows:
    - Price per share.
    - Maximum positions a person can purchase at once.
    - Maximum positions a person can own.
    - Admin profit percentage.
    - Referral profit percentage down 5 levels.
    - Number of members who will be paid on each position purchased after deducting admin profit and referral profit.
  • Set minimum withdrawal amount.
  • Show or hide extra customised fields to signup form such as address, city, state, post code, and country.
  • Set the number of free banner ad and text ad impressions that members receive with their share purchases.
  • Set the number of banners to be shown at the bottom of each page, and the number of text ads to be shown at the top of each page.
  • Set yes or no option for sending signup confirmation email, new signup and referral emails to referrer, and earnings email. 
  • Customise the emails for confirmation, welcome, referral notification, password reminder, banner ad and text ad approval/rejection, with several personalisation tags.
  • Customise the HTML code for free member and pro member bonuses.
  • Enter the HTML code for the ad purchase thank you, FAQ, home page, logout page, members area home page, and Terms pages.
  • View and edit/delete all member details including positions purchased and withdrawal history.
  • View/edit/delete members by membership level - free or pro.
  • Manage members by search, active, pending and removed.
  • Send an email broadcast to all members, free or pro members in plain text or HTML format with 8 personalisation tags available.
  • View pending transactions that require your manual approval for 1 of 2 listed reasons. (Normally payment should be approved automatically). Approval and deletion of transactions possible.
  • View all positions held by members, including the payment processor used, amount purchased, earnings, purchase date, last update date and delete position function button.
  • View listing of Admin profit payments from each member purchase including username, payment mode, amount and date of purchase.
  • View/add/edit/delete solo ads and banners for affiliates to use when promoting your program.
  • View pending withdrawals and carry out mass pay function to pay members.
  • Manually add banners and text ads, and view pending and approved banners and text ads.
  • View/approve/delete top sponsor submissions.
  • View approved and pending testimonials submitted by members.
  • View at-a-glance statistics and figures of total members, total free members, total pro members, pending members, paid money, pending withdrawals, approved testimonials, pending testimonials, total money received, total positions, admin profit, member earnings from positions, member earnings by referral, pending transactions, promotional banners, promotional solo ads, approved banners, pending banners, approved text ads, and pending text ads.


Note: If you find any error in our script demo, please don't hesitate to notify us here http://buy4script.Com/index.php?route=information/contact

Ultimate Revenue Sharing-HYIP Pro Script Yellow Theme

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