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Description :

Our Downline Builder Tool makes use a special script that is designed to offer maximum Downline building capabilities, with as little hassle as possible. The great thing about our tool, is that it can be used to build up your existing downline as well as to create brand new downlines from scratch.

  • It is important to know that when you sign up to use the Downline Goldmine Downline Builder tool, you are signing up to become a part of one of the most efficient, reliable Downline building tools in existence. Here is why...

    Downline Goldmine Builder:
    You can add as many programs as you wants and build up the downlines for all those at once only.    
  • You can use this tool to build the downline for any particular targeted program(s) or Misc program(s) . Check out our few clients sites using our script for various downline building purposes.
     For PTR's Downline Building 
     For Traffic Exchanger's Downline Building 
     For MLM's Downline Building  ( Customized Version )
     For Traffic Generator's Downline Building     
  • You can sell banner advertisment at your website and make money    
  • You can keep track of members and mail them .    
  • Members can join all the programs added by you and add there affiliate ids and then they can promote a single url and build the downline for all the programs at once .    
  • Script is very easy to install and comes with complete installation instructions guide

    Furthermore, with your username and password you can log into the admin area and use this script to add an unlimited number of programs and then promote them all from one single web site.

    Members Programs Addon
  • Members can offer their own programs to there downlines .    
  • You can set the number of programs allowed by members to offer to their downlines.    
  • You can set the number of levels deep members can offer their programs.

    New Addon - Downline Builder Pro (Paid Membership option)
  • All features of earlier 2 versions .    
  • You can offer free and paid both membership .    
  • You can set the paid membership duration like monthly / yearly / lifetime.    
  • You can set the paid membership fee.    
  • You can set the referral commissions till as many levels deep as you want.    
  • You can set the number of programs allowed by free members to offer to their downlines.    
  • You can set the number of programs allowed by pro members to offer to their downlines.    
  • You can set the minimum withdrawal limit.    
  • You can set the free membership to expire automatically after a certain amount of time.

    Note: If you find any error in our script demo, please don't histate to notify us here http://buy4script.Com/index.php?route=information/contact

    Downline Builder

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