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15 Latest Product

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 HYIP Lister Pro2 (Update Oct 2015)

HYIP Lister Pro2 2015
(Update oct 2015)
Support Bitcoin, Payeer, PM, etc

Price :

Username: user
Password: user
Note: if user login not valid, you can try signup your own acount.

If you want to see the admin feature please contact admin for password.

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Description :

Template for this script you can get here

Some Features:

  • SEO links and HTML code.
  • Perfect Money enabled.
  • Solid Trust Pay enabled.
  • EgoPay enabled.
  • Payza enabled.
  • PayPal enabled.
  • HDMoney Enabled
  • Payeer Enabled
  • BITCOIN Enabled
  • Automatic Ads purchase
  • Programs automatic addition process
  • RCB system
  • Report Scam system
  • 'Last ...' and 'Top ...' widgets boxes
  • Links Directory
  • Platform independent.
  • Low cost.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Totally free professional installation. Install the system with the simple installation script or our dedicated specialists will install it for you totally free!
  • SEO links and HTML code.
  • Easy installation script. No PHP files editing any more! Upload and install with ease.
  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change the design.

    Ads system:
  • Automatic ads payments.
  • 6 ads places
  • 468x60 and 728x90 rotating ad places
  • 468x60 and 728x90 static ad place with bidding
  • Text Ads with bidding
  • Sticky listings with bidding
  • For bidding ad places you can specify start price and bid step.
  • Limit ads number in any ad place

Listings system:

  • Completely new design for listing details
  • 7 listing groups: Premium, Normal, Trial, Free, Games, Scam, Closed
  • Automatic listing approve after fee payment
  • Over 25 parameters for listing: Name, Group, Rating, Spends, Percents, Contacts and etc.
  • New parameters for listing: Forum Links, Security Options, Admin Note
  • Admin can setup any Forum Links for any forums he want
  • In listing details Forum Links can be specified
  • SSL and DDoS protection security options can be specified for a listing
  • Listing Screenshot, Profit meter
  • Listing lifetime, monitored, last payout
  • Admin rating, users rating, Invested and payout ratio

    RCB system:
  • Track RCB requests
  • Automatic RCB calculation
  • Set RCB percents and bonuses for each program
  • Accept, Decline or delete RCB requests
  • Speed up RCB payments with 'Pay' button.
  • Users can track RCB requests in users' area
  • Check if same person already made request by IP, username and account.
  • Mass payment for RCB Request or Automatic payment

    Report Scam system:
  • Track scam reports
  • Reply reporter whether report was accepted or denied

    Links Directory:
  • Create categories tree for links.
  • Admin approval for new links
  • User can specify Title, URL, Description, Button URL, Back Link and E-Mail

  • Manager articles with HTML support
  • Sticky articles always on top of list
  • SEO friendly articles links
  • Listings Traffic Counter:
  • Count listings traffic via monitoring seal or corner seal
  • Page for traffic history view for every listing
  • Top traffic widget (side box)

    Widgets Boxs:
  • Over 10 widget boxes
  • Last votes, Last deposits, Last withdrawals, Last Scams
  • Top monitored, Top profitable
  • and more

    Other features:
  • Low cost.
  • Lifetime support.
  • We create custom monitoring image for every HYIP Lister Pro license.
  • Totally free professional installation. Install the system with the simple installation script or our dedicated specialists will install it for you totally free!

Note: If you find any error in our scrip demo, please don't histate to notify us here http://buy4script.com/contact.php

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